Rolex Double Red SeaDweller Ref.1665

10 Posted by - december 28, 2017 - Watches

Rolex Double Red SeaDweller Ref.1665 “DRSD”

This Rolex Double Red SeaDweller Ref.1665 belongs to Watchworks Haarlem and is already sold to one happy customer. This vintage SeaDweller also called DRSD has a lot of patina on the dial, which makes the watch very attractive. The brown colour of the dial gives the watch that extra vintage look and feel.

Omega Constellation 168005 561 cal.jpg Tissot Vintage.jpg Rolex SeaDweller 1665 Double Red.jpg Tissot Vintage subdial.jpg Omega Constellation 168005 561 cal Dial.jpg Rolex SeaDweller 1665 Double Red DRSD.jpg