Universal Geneve Dresswatch Ref. 211202-7

7 Posted by - september 16, 2017 - Watches

Universal Geneve 211202-7

This Universal Geneve 211202-7 dresswatch from the early 1960’s is my latest addition for my personal collection. My watch collection contains a lot of vintage dresswatches but all of them are Omega. This is my first Universal Geneve and the main reason I bought it is because of the super clean dial, I’ve seen a lot of watches but this one is probably the one with the cleanest dial I’ve ever seen. 

There is not much to find about these watches but what I can tell you is that the case size is about 34mm and that the watch is equipped with a handwound 17 jewels unadjusted 1106 movement by Universal Geneve. This particular piece looks to be complete original but I am not 100% sure about this.